Management Assessments

Venn diagram of the benefits of professional management assessment

Hiring the right candidate is only one part of forming a high performing team. Team dynamics can make or break a team (at the executive level, within a department, on a project). Not having the right people in the right places, not understanding how different personalities interact, and having performance targets that are misaligned with strategic goals all create dissatisfaction and hurt the performance of your team.

Podium Partners offers several assessment options to help you with building the best team possible:

  • Individual assessments – conduct online assessments of your top candidates prior to hiring. This helps you understand what “makes the candidate tick.” The results can be used to assess how the candidate will fit within the position.
  • Team assessments – conduct online assessments of the team. This helps you to understand how the team works together and how the new hire will fit in. The results can be used to assess how the team will interact with the new hire.
  • Full management assessment – conduct a full assessment of each team member. This process gives you detailed knowledge of how the individuals and the team function. The results can be used for individual talent development, succession planning and strategic development.